Full name: Buddy Love

Favourite posession: His surfboard

Likes: Riding the big waves

Dislikes: The vacuum cleaner


Best friend: Buddy

Secret crush: The cat down the road

Likes: Chasing squirrels

Favourite food: High tea

The Contessa

Name: Giulietta (pronounced Jooleey-etta)

Address: Next door to Buddy and Bella

Likes: Anything leopard print

Favourite thing: High heels

The Twins

Names: Coco and Chanel

Live: Inside the Contessa’s bag ... mostly

Dislike: Living inside a bag

Dream about: Escape!

Aussie Lifeguard Gang

Favourite beach: Bondi

Good at: Saving lives

Like: The lifeguard life

Best tip: Swim between the flags!

The Trainee Lifeguard Gang

Favourite thing: Being in the gang

Hero: Buddy

Like: Being accepted ... no matter what

Motto: It's ok to be different